“Feeling Secure”

Purple (photo by Doris High)
Purple Crocus
Photo by Doris High
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“Feeling Secure”
“I warned you when you felt secure, but you said, ‘I will not listen!'” (Jeremiah 22:21).

Security!  I like the sound of that word. A lot of other people do as well.  That’s why we use it a lot as a descriptive term for titles such as security guard, security deposit, security blanket, security alarm and so forth.  How many of you have computer security?  (I hope all of you!)

With the rise in terrorism we no longer take security for granted. Regardless of where this is being read your country has likely been impacted by terrorism. Security is a real blessing and we use the word in various ways. We strive for financial and marital security. We prepare our homes so they’re secure against the perils of the weather and many people buy security alarms to ward off thieves. We desire security in regard to our health.

These forms of security are a blessing but they can also lull us into a false sense of security if they are the focus of our hope. The only true and lasting type of security is in God. “Blessed is He whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God, the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them – the LORD, who remains faithful forever” (Psalm 146:5,6).

Jeremiah faithfully ministered during those fateful last days of Judah prior to the Babylonian captivity.  He served during the time of godly Josiah who was the last king that honored God.  He courageously ministered during the time that the four evil kings who followed King Josiah reigned.  The context of the daily verse places it at the time of Jehoiakim, who reigned for eleven years and whose life is summed up by the descriptive phrase, “the detestable things he did” (2 Chronicles 36:8).

I’m intrigued by the first clause in the daily text. “I warned you when you felt secure.”  In addition to security the Hebrew word used here conveys abundance and prosperity.  It seems that just prior to the fall of the kingdom there was a period of prosperity and security in Judah.  Even as evil swept through the land and judgment loomed, the economy was booming.  The Israelites “felt secure” and just wouldn’t listen to the warning of the true prophet of God.  By contrast the false prophets were saying, “Peace, peace” (Jeremiah 8:11b).

Twenty-six hundred years ago the people responded to Jeremiah’s warning with an emphatic, “I will not listen.”  And so many are responding the same way today as they turn a deaf ear toward God’s messengers.  I hope you are listening to God’s loving warnings, as spoken by His servants and written in His Word. In Christ alone we have true security for all eternity.

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Daily prayer: Father, as I dwell in Your secure shelter I rest in the shadow of Your wings.  You are my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.  You saved me from the evil plot of Satan when You secured for me the eternal plan of salvation. Like a bird who protects its young with  the spread of its feathers, You cover me and protect me as You shield me with Your wings  blocking  the fiery darts of Satan.   I will not fear the day nor the night as I am sheltered and protected by You. No evil can harm me for I am resting in Jesus and am safe forevermore.  Amen.

Prayer inspired by Psalm 91

We have a beautiful, warm, spring-like day and since Brooksyne was out for a meeting this morning I spent some time outside with Spring cleanup.  Last summer I shared a photo of a large hornet’s nest hanging from a tree in our front yard. I saved it behind my barn over the winter and saw this morning it is decaying.   As it does so it also reveals an interesting glimpse of the inside.

Inside a hornet's nest

The first flowers of the season in our neighborhood are blooming… the crocuses at our next door neighbors! However today’s photo of crocuses is by our friend Doris High. It is a lot better than the ones I took this morning!

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