“The Wondrous Works Of God”

July 31, 2013

Summer evening 7/30/13
Summer evening 7/30/13

“The Wondrous Works Of God”

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“Stop and consider the wondrous works of God” (Job 37:14).

Our home overlooks a country lane with a large field presently planted in tall field corn across from us. We are so blessed to have this view of “preserved farmland”, meaning there is a restriction on the deed limiting present and future use to agriculture. This outstanding view is one of the main reasons we bought our present home eleven years ago. Throughout the year we have a variety of views, not only based on the season but the type of crop planted.

Last night I sat outside before sunset and observed God’s creation using my senses. I can share a part of the view in the above photo. I saw not only the beauty of nature but neighbors talking, bicycles going by, a parachute in the distance.

I hear many sounds from the natural, such as buzzing insects, to chirping birds, to the locusts later on. I also may hear man-made sounds such as farm machinery and my neighbor sighting in a rifle.

Last night it was a neutral smell, which is not always the case; sometimes we do get some agricultural odors that aren’t so pleasant and occasionally a wonderful chocolate smell from a processing plant in Mount Joy. I felt the gentle breeze on the pleasant evening. As far as taste I had a luscious peach! I purposefully tried to “Stop and consider the wondrous works of God.” Sometimes in our busy lives stopping can be hard.

During Job’s trial he had four human “comforters”. Elihu, who was younger, spoke after the three older friends. His viewpoint on Job’s suffering is surely not the final one, and like all human perspectives on this mysterious subject of suffering, it is flawed and incomplete. (God has the final word later in the book.)

But Elihu makes some interesting points in trying to minister to Job that I believe are very helpful, particularly at the end of his discourse where he points to God’s creative wonders. He urges Job to “Stop and consider the wondrous works of God.”  I believe that’s a good exercise in getting a proper perspective on any matter.  A few verses earlier Elihu declared, “How great is God–beyond our understanding!” (36:26).

Today, let me encourage you to “Stop and consider the wondrous works of God”.  His wonders abound surrounding us night and day. And then hear this important reminder from Elihu; “Remember to extol His work, which men have praised in song” (Job 36:24).

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Praying manDaily prayer:  Father, we do extol Your work and praise You with our lips, with our voice and with our devotion to follow You all the days of our lives. We stop and consider Your great wonders and mighty works as we acknowledge You to be the Creator of all things. Your ways are perfect and beyond human understanding. It is all the more reason why we must rely on Your guidance and not lean on our own understanding. Today we acknowledge You in all our ways and ask You to direct our paths and increase our understanding in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

Additional thought: Monday night as we were returning from Gettysburg (see yesterday’s message) we passed a little town along Route 30 called New Oxford. Many were sitting out on their front porch talking or reading a magazine. Anna noticed that in the stretch we were on no one was piddling with their cell phone, which has become so typical.

I had an embarrassing experience Sunday which illustrates why among several reasons I don’t like to piddle with my cell phone. I bluntly just seem to rather klutzy with small technology. In Sunday School class we were discussing a verse in the Scriptures and although I had a New Testament with eight versions I wanted to see how another version handled the text. I decided I would look it up on my cell phone. That should be quiet. My intent was to open the browser and then go to the Bible Gateway site to find the verse in the translation I was curious about. Well I looked at my phone and tapped the browser button and lo and behold it started loudly playing the company birthday song I shared last week and then I panicked and couldn’t get it to turn off. Apparently the last thing I had open on the cell phone browser was this page with the birthday song audio file! Well I suppose it added a bit of humor to the class at my expense.

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“God Of Wonders”  Video  Chris Tomlin  A great song with powerful words set to some nice photos.

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