“Remembering His Wonders”

August 20, 2015

Coreopsis Verticillata
Coreopsis Verticillata AKA “Pot of Gold”

“Remembering His Wonders”

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“Remember the wonders He has done” (Psalm 105:5).

My, how life flies by! It was 42 years ago this month that we both began college as Freshmen at Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. We didn’t meet till October when I took her on a date to church. At that time local churches sent school buses to the campus since many students didn’t have cars. We were sitting on the bus waiting to leave when a friend of Brooksyne’s tapped her on the shoulder and said, “Brooksyne, Buddy’s here!” Well, Buddy was her high school boyfriend whom she had broken up with before leaving for college. He and his mother had driven up from Tulsa hoping to reconcile their relationship. (His Mom realized what a catch Brooksyne was.) She felt obliged to get off the bus and so I went to church alone that night. It’s a wonder we ever got together again, since I was pretty miffed, but it seems the Lord had a plan and that January we began dating and the rest is history since Buddy’s history with Brooksyne was over!)

Bob Grant But today’s message is a testimony of Bob Grant, one of the first friends I met in college, who remains a friend to this day (photo to right taken several years ago). Bob did not come from a Christian home but came to know Christ while in high school through the “Jesus Movement.” He was encouraged to attend Bible College and chose one in Springfield Missouri, although he lived in Connecticut. He rode out with some friends who were attending another college in town and spent the first week at the YMCA since CBC did not open for another week.

Bob had a rough, discouraging start at school. When he was registering for his classes he realized he didn’t have enough money to purchase textbooks and he had no financial support from home. He went back to his dorm room despondent and just didn’t know what he was going to do.

He was sitting in his room when his roommate walked in with a bag of books and said, “Here are your books.” Bob thought the roommate was taunting him and said, “They’re not my books!” The roommate told him he found them in the hallway by the door and when Bob opened the bag he found all the books he would need for the new semester! He examined the bag and saw his name, Bob Grant, written on it in small letters.

To this day Bob does not know how the Lord had worked this out or what fellow believer had the leading of the Spirit to meet this need. He had told absolutely no one of his financial dilemma.

Our daily text is a simple call to “Remember the wonders He has done.”

These memories of wonders can be faith building to us and to our children. We need to recall them and pass them along. We need to remember the wonders God has done not only in Creation, in Biblical history and through the age of the church, but in our own lives as well such as bringing Brooksyne and me back together after an initial jilting; like providing books for Bob. What memories do you have of God’s wonders in your life?

We encourage you to chronicle these memories; the wonders that God has done for you personally. Write them down; pass them along to your children and grandchildren; share them with others. This will build your faith and theirs as you “remember the wonders He has done.”

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Praying man Daily prayer: Heavenly Father, it is in my hour of need that I see Your powerful provision in my life. When I’m in need of comfort, You are my Comforter. When I’m in need of courage You go before me. When I’m in need of friendship You are the friend that sticks closer than a brother. When I’m in need of stability You are the Anchor for my soul. When I’m in need of finances You own the cattle on a thousand hills. When I’m in need of peace You are the peacemaker. When I’m in need of food You are the Bread of Life. When I’m thirsty You are the living water that leads to eternal life. You are my Shepherd and I shall never be in want of anything. Thank You for meeting every need I have. Amen.”

Today we feature flowers we saw in Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon and region during our visit last weekend. As best as we can determine these were all wild flowers except the last several.

Coreopsis Verticillata
Coreopsis Verticillata AKA “Pot of Gold”

Wild snapdragon
Wild snapdragon

Butterfly on thistle
Butterfly on thistle

Joepye weed
Joe Pye weed

Queen Anne Lace
Queen Anne Lace

Flowers in Wellsboro PA 8/15/15
After our long ride through the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon we had dinner Saturday evening in Wellsboro, a charming little town with an old fashioned, historic vibe with a sense of how small town life used to be back in the 1900s. The neatest feature is the real gas street lamps that line Main Street. Our photos did not do these street lamps justice so here’s a nice photo taken in the Fall or here’s a collection.

Flowers in Wellsboro PA 8/15/15
Many of the shops and restaurants had window boxes.

Playing street piano in Wellsboro PA 8/15/15
Brooksyne playing the piano in front of our restaurant in Wellsboro. She always tries to get in a witness whenever she plays a street piano (we also have them here in Lancaster City) by playing sacred music she hopes will tug at a passersby’s heart strings, “feelings lie buried that grace can restore”. (From the song “Rescue The Perishing”  Video  Billy and Cindy Foote)

College friends 3/74

These photos were taken during the spring of our freshman year at CBC when my three best friends I hung out with and I chose to be just a little goofy. We shortened our ties and parted our hair down the middle. Brooksyne took the first photo where I am on the far left in the very loud plaid slacks (I wasn’t being goofy with those and considered them to be very cool at the time). Bob is leaning back on the tree.  I apparently took the photo on the right probably so I could get Brooksyne in it, whom I had just started dating in January!

Today’s Suggested Music and Supplemental Resources

“The Wonder Of It All”  Video  Doug Oldham And Gaither Homecoming Singers

“The wonder of it all, is that God loves me.”

As we are getting to be more and more “old-timers” it’s a blessing to see many in this video who are now with the Lord such as Doug Oldham, George Beverly Shea, Ruth Graham, and many others.

“God Of Wonders”  Video  Chris Tomlin

“Bless His Holy Name”  Video  Andrae Crouch

Finally today:

Multi-generational worshipThe fellowship of ministers I am a part of is celebrating their 100th anniversary. I find this creative photoshopped image quite interesting. On the left is a modern worship band with all the bells and whistles. On the right in a large tent is a gathering from perhaps the forties. I don’t suppose these folks would have known what to think about the music and how it’s changed!
(Photo will show larger if clicked)

It would be interesting to see the photo reversed. On the platform you would view a song leader and perhaps a choir dressed as they would have been in that period. In the congregation show a modern view with many people holding up their phones taking pictures, selfies, texting, etc.!

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