“Everlasting Father”

December 8, 2016

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“Everlasting Father”

Note: This week we are examining the five descriptive names used for the Messiah in Isaiah 9:6. Today we will consider “Everlasting Father”.

Message Summary: Today let us rejoice that we have an everlasting Father!

Note: Due to an extremely busy schedule we are unable to prepare a podcast for this message

“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6).

God’s design and pattern is for children to be raised by a mother and father. The first reference to father and mother in the Bible is in Genesis 2:24. “This is why a man leaves his father and mother and bonds with his wife, and they become one flesh.” This statement was made before the fall and before Adam and Eve even had children! We wonder if they even know what children were!

Of course all through history this pattern was not always maintained. Death through war, accident or illness, as well as divorce and abandonment, have always been a part of the human condition in a fallen world. When I read the story of Uriah who was essentially murdered due to David’s attempt to cover up his sin with Bathsheba I have wondered if Uriah had children left fatherless. What about the other men who died in the scandalous cover-up? (2 Samuel 11:17).

However now with increasing sexual and moral anarchy the very notion of children needing a mother and a father is questioned, especially a father. However one only has to look at the lawless conditions among so many young men and women raised in fatherless settings due to the “new” morality (or what really amount to old immorality) to see the devastating impact of this foolish notion.

The need for a father and mother is cross cultural and cross generational. In previous ages the need for a father figure was well-understood and, upon a tragic death or abandonment by a child’s father, another male such as a brother, uncle or grandparent became a father figure. But this is diminishing and now the need of a father figure is debated in certain “enlightened” social circles. The “village” can raise the child with more government programs. A father is really not needed.

These current social conditions have a bearing on how one views God, whom Isaiah calls “eternal father”.

While the view of God as the Father is used in the Old Testament it is not a major theme. But it becomes a great focus in the New Testament, as Jesus frequently referred to His Father.

He begins what we call the Lord’s prayer with this wonderful title, “Our Father…” He often urged His followers to have a fatherly view of God such as His command, “In the same way, let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16). In Christ’s time of great agony he cried out to His Father, “Now, Father, glorify Me in Your presence with that glory I had with You before the world existed” (John 17:5).

Each of the writers of the New Testament epistles allude to God as Father such as Paul, “For this reason I kneel before the Father” (Ephesians 3:14). The writer of Hebrews alludes to both earthly fathers and our heavenly Father when he wrote, “Furthermore, we had natural fathers discipline us, and we respected them. Shouldn’t we submit even more to the Father of spirits and live?” (Hebrews 12:9).

James wrote, “Every generous act and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights; with Him there is no variation or shadow cast by turning” (James 1:17). And Peter’s prayer begins, “Praise the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 1:3). John wrote “Look at how great a love the Father has given us that we should be called God’s children” (1 John 3:1). Jude “To those who are the called, loved by God the Father and kept by Jesus Christ” (Jude 1:1).

And finally in that grand finale of Revelation we read, “I will give Him the right to sit with Me on My throne, just as I also won the victory and sat down with My Father on His throne.” (Revelation 3:21).

Today let us rejoice that we have an everlasting Father!

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Praying manDaily prayer: Dear God, of all the descriptions ascribed to you the title of Father reveals Your nurturing, protective and loving care. Not just present during our young years, or our time on earth, but You are eternal, existing before time began and You will be our Father forever throughout eternity. Your role as our Father keeps us from sinking in the miry clay, for You uphold us with Your righteous right hand, keeping us from falling and being cast down. Amen.

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Today’s Suggested Music and Supplemental Resources
“Good, Good Father”  Video  Chris Tomlin

“Fatherhood of God” article from Baker’s Bible Dictionary

For further study Brooksyne found this quote from Changed By The Gospel

And so, mainly, when Jesus is referred to as the Everlasting Father, it is a reference to the fact that He will be the Second Adam, in whom we find our hope. Spurgeon goes on in an article entitled His Name–The Everlasting Father to make the argument that there is another way in which Jesus is considered Father. He says that Jesus Christ is a Father in the sense of a Founder. He says,

“Our Lord Jesus Christ, who brought life and immortality to light, and introduced a new phase of worship to this world is, in that respect, a Father; he is the Father of all Christians, the Father of Christianity, the Father of the entire system under which grace reigns through righteousness. Jesus is the Father of a great doctrinal system. All the great truths, which we are in the habit of delivering in your hearing as the precious truths of God sent down from heaven, fell first, clearly and powerfully, from the lips of Jesus.”

Those are just two of the five ways that Spurgeon argues that Jesus is the Everlasting Father. Read the article for the other reasons. The question remains. Is He your Father. Are you ‘In Christ’ in the sense that you are now under the new Adam? Is He your Father in the sense that you believe the gospel He gave? If not, I would strongly encourage you to read the gospel accounts to investigate His claims and actions.

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