“Power Transmission”

August 7, 2017

Natural Dam, Arkansas 8/6/17 (Click to enlarge)
Natural Dam, Arkansas
(Click to enlarge)

Power Transmission”

Note: Today we are in Arkansas where we will visit some of Brooksyne’s relatives from her dad’s side who live on a mountain top near Ozark Arkansas and visit the Oark General Store. Tomorrow we head toward home with an early start for a long trip to Nashville where Brooksyne will visit with her niece Tuesday evening. We do not expect the messages will be daily during this time but depending on our schedule, internet connection and so forth we hope to post several along the way. Due to travel we will not be preparing the daily podcast till we return home.

Message summary: Today His power is not cut off nor His ear deafened that He cannot hear our needs. He is still touching people’s lives with His healing power. He often uses human agents in the transmission of His power but He also works sovereignly and has a set purpose for each of our lives. May Christ be glorified in and through us today!

“At once Jesus realized that power had gone out from Him. He turned around in the crowd and asked, “Who touched My clothes?'” (Mark 5:30).

Sequoyah Lodge 8/4/17We had severe storms in Oklahoma early Sunday morning which left thousands without power and also tornado damage in Tulsa, Brooksyne’s home town where we had stayed for the previous three nights. We were watching the weather reports before we went to sleep and saw the storms passing northwest of where we were lodging at Sequoyah Lodge on Fort Gibson Lake. Around 1AM flashes of lightning and booming thunder awakened us as the storm passed through the area. However we never lost power though man in that area did.

Transmission of power is something most of us take for granted. We flip a light switch on without thinking about the power transmitting through wires which makes the light come on. But today let’s examine an occasion where a transmission of divine power was released.

Today’s verse offers an interesting detail concerning the healing of a woman who had a bleeding issue for 12 years. Her condition would have made her a social outcast since the best medical care of her day was of no help. In fact she had exhausted her finances but her medical condition only worsened.

She heard about Jesus but, likely due to the social shame of her disease, did not choose to approach Him publicly. Instead she “came up behind Him in the crowd and touched His cloak, because she thought, “If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed” (Mark 5:27,28).

“Immediately her bleeding stopped and she felt in her body that she was freed from her suffering” (v. 29). Try to put yourself in her place and sense the tremendous joy and relief that flooded her spirit as she experienced the healing power of Almighty God.

“At once Jesus realized that power had gone out from Him.” The dispenser of healing power realized the uniqueness and urgency of this woman’s touch of faith. After all, many were also touching Him when He asked the disciples “Who touched My clothes?” The disciples must have wanted to scratch their heads at Jesus question when they responded, “You see the people crowding against you….and yet You can ask, ‘Who touched My clothes?’” A transmission of power had taken place from the Healer to the healed and Jesus wanted to convey a special message to the infirmed woman who touched the hem of His garment.

Today His power is not cut off nor His ear deafened that He cannot hear our needs. He is still touching people’s lives with His healing power. He often uses human agents in the transmission of His power but He also works sovereignly and has a set purpose for each of our lives. May Christ be glorified in and through us today!

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Praying manDaily prayer: We praise You, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and God of all comfort who helps us in our daily trials and meets our every need. When we come up against afflictions and trials that exceed our own ability to endure we rely not on ourselves but on You, All-powerful God, who heals the sick and raises the dead, who delivers us from deadly peril. It is on You that we have set our hope, confident that You will continue to deliver us, that You will make a way where there is none. We trust in You, our sovereign, holy and all-powerful God for everything we have need of. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

(See 2 Corinthians 1:3-4)

Some Scenes From Our Journey

Okay, OK 8/5/17
We are happy to report that everything is OK in Okay, OK

Okay, OK church sign 8/5/17
A great message on a church sign in Okay, OK

Muscogee, OK guitar 8/6/17
Lot of colorful guitar displays on the streets, yards and buildings of Muskogee, Oklahoma where the song “Okie from Muskogee” originated. Cows are displayed in Lancaster County,  buffalos in Bartlesville, OK and guitars in Muskogee.

Dean and Greta on Arkansas River bridge 8/5/17
Stephen’s niece, Greta and her husband Dean, on an old iron bridge where we walked across the Arkansas River near Muskogee Oklahoma. We enjoyed our visit with his mom’s side of the family (Steincross) Friday through Sunday morning.

Natural Dam, Arkansas 8/6/17
Another view of the expansive Natural Dam in Arkansas that is 200 foot wide on a natural ledge which runs across Mountain Fork.

Ozark National Forest road, Natural Dam, AR 8/6/17
A gravel mountain road in the Ozark National Forest.

Ronnie Sherrell 8/6/17
Brooksyne’s Note: We’re staying in Clarksville, Arkansas and took a long walk through town last night. There is a get together tonight with my dad’s side of the family at a Mexican restaurant so, as we were passing one, Stephen suggested I step in and ask if this was the place we’ll meet. As I was asking the hostess if a gathering of the Sherrell family was planned for Monday night I heard my name called out from a person in a booth. Turns out my cousin, Ronnie, that I hadn’t seen for about 20 years was eating with his companion. For me that was an amazing coincidence since I NEVER run into family while out and about since we’ve lived over 1000 miles from my relatives since our marriage. Ronnie lives on the mountain and stands at 6’4″! I also have five aunts and uncles from the mountain. I will also visit my parents gravesite on the mountain as they both died of cancer in 2000 and 2001.

Today’s Suggested Music and Supplemental Resources

“Broken And Spilled Out”  Video   Steve Green

“Okie From Muskogee”  Video  Merle Haggard (Just for fun!)

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